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Welcome to the Shuffle Quest demo!

Play on normal mode as Finnikin the Fox and clear as many cards as possible!!!

This is a quick demonstration of the gameplay in PlayKiseki's upcoming game.

The full game will include tons of characters, exciting new modes, and many more surprises!

Full version features:

  • Tons of unlockable characters, all with unique backgrounds.
  • Free Play Mode: Jump in and play on three difficulty levels, get high scores and share it with your friends!
  • Quest Mode: Go on a storied adventure through the kingdom of Cardia, meeting characters and completing challenges! Can you get three stars on all the challenges?
  • Card collection: Build a huge collection of cards by completing challenges in-game
  • Ever expanding content: Look forward to updates containing new characters and more!

Look forward to the full release of Shuffle Quest on iOS soon!

More information

Published 2 years ago
StatusIn development
Tagsaddictive, Card Game, Casual, Cute, puzzle